Medical Answering Service in the Syracuse, New York Area.

medical answering services near syracuse ny from answer syracuseAnswer Syracuse understands the importance of reliable medical answering services. This is especially true in the Syracuse, NY area because three of Syracuse’s top 10 largest employers are in the medical and health care industries.

For over 50 years, Answer Syracuse has satisfied the need for medical answering services for the Syracuse community. Throughout the years, we’ve developed trusted relationships with our satisfied partners, handling call overflow, after hours, 24/7 answering services and secure messaging. Answer Syracuse’s highly trained and experienced representatives, along with our sophisticated technological network of power and data backups, ensure that your organization is always equipped to answer the call.

Excellence in Medical Answering Services

Answer Syracuse is dedicated to providing next level service for our medical answering service clients. This dedication to superior service is exemplified by Answer Syracuse winning the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) Award of Excellence for 11 consecutive years.

Answer Syracuse’s award winning medical answering services are supported by our highly qualified representatives and cutting edge technology. Each Answer Syracuse medical answering service representative receives training to fulfill the unique needs of your hospital, medical practice or other health care organization. Through the use of mentoring, call monitoring, recognition and feedback, our supervisors work closely with their team members to ensure accurate, efficient service on a consistent basis.

A HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

With medical answering services, security and privacy are essential. Answer Syracuse offers HIPAA compliant medical answering services that guards Protected Health Information (PHI). All Answer Syracuse staff, from entry level representatives to the company CEO, are required to pass a HIPAA exam and comply with Answer Syracuse’s high standards of confidentiality, keeping patient information private. Answer Syracuse’s information systems utilize physical and technical protections, as well as redundant back-up systems, to maintain privacy for PHI.

Through extensive research and programming, Answer Syracuse has developed a secure messaging system that securely sends PHI via text message. Answer Syracuse has partnered with qliqSOFT™ to offer this convenient, confidential service. Discover details about our secure messaging here.

Virtual Receptionists for the Health Care Sector

Answer Syracuse is capable of providing virtual receptionists. These virtual receptionists help your medical organization answer every call. Whether your phone rings continuously, creating overflow or your organization receives calls after hours, Answer Syracuse’s virtual receptionists can forward messages and dispatch calls to the appropriate member of your staff, per your instructions.

What Our Clients Say About Answer Syracuse

“Your organization is the best. You have handled my operation which no one else would do without any problems and little training.” – B.D.

“You have exceeded your promises and our expectations. You have far surpassed the performance of our previous answering services. It’s so nice to get the daily log and see that all the messages were handled quickly and properly. We couldn’t be more pleased.” – W.C.

“…in recent conversations with other practices, I have stated that your service is the best of the 4 or 5 answering services we have used in the past 20 years.  That is the truth, and I know we are not always the easiest practice to figure out, nor are we without our errors.” – D.M. ~ Pediatric Practice


The Benefits of Our Medical Answering Services

Answer Syracuse’s medical answering services are customized for each client to meet their needs. We provide after hours answering service to help medical organizations communicate with their patients according to the clients’ instructions.

The advantages of Answer Syracuse’s medical answering services include, but are not limited to:

  • Qualified answering service operators with the experience and training to handle any situation.
  • Time-sensitive calls are dispatched efficiently and accurately
  • Custom message delivery methods
  • Integration capabilities for medical record systems to improve efficiency
  • Compliant with HITECH and HIPAA Guidelines
  • Leadership representatives are always available to answer all questions
  • Call screening options
  • Redundant phone lines and generators to ensure 24/7 service

What Are the Costs for Medical Answering Services?

Answer Syracuse’s medical answering service plans start as low as $50. To get a quote for your specific needs, contact us.