Hurricane Irma – September 2017

Hurricane Irma – September 2017

We were tracking Hurricane Irma for the week leading up to its landfall.  As weather models narrowed down her path, it became apparent our Tampa office was in for a big hit.  An answering service has to be there for its clients regardless of what’s happening outside and that includes category 5 hurricanes.  So here’s what we did:

(1) Safety was priority #1 and our Company President reinforced family first with the Tampa team.  It was their “call” when to wrap it up and get to safety.

(2) Our Tampa office reviewed account details with our Syracuse team so we’d be prepared to handle questions and account changes while the office was down.

(3) Answer Syracuse staff lined up to cover extra shifts, including overnights as mandatory evacuation orders required some Tampa staff to leave early.

(4)  Our landlord notified us that the building would be evacuated, Friday at 5:00PM.  We were able to get an extension to Saturday evening so we could remain available to accept calls for as long as conditions would allow.

(5) We kept in contact with the Tampa team over the weekend with phone reception being sketchy at times.  We were grateful to know people were staying safe!

(6) We reopened the Tampa office after a 48 hour closure and were up and running without any technical difficulties.

Our Florida clients kept us busy as Irma approached with updates about closures and revised schedules.  No one in the company complained, but rather handled each request as they came in.  Our managers and supervisors shared responsibilities so our Tampa team could prepare themselves for what would be a long weekend.

Our Managers, Supervisors and Customer Service Representatives are remarkable professionals.  Our Tampa team has stepped up many times when Syracuse has been facing record breaking snow storms.  It’s what we do.  Our customers are important but taking time to help each other within the company is just as important.  A big THANKS to all who contributed to making Irma a little more bearable.