Community Service and Government Agency Answering Service in Syracuse, New York


  • We can deliver messages by text, so there’s no need to search for pen and paper. One tap call back! We also offer email, live call, fax, patch, and page.
  • Our customers will affirm that automated phone services do not meet the same standard as talking with a real person. A live connection makes the difference.
  • We can help you serve the community on weekends and holidays and every day of the week because government and social service issues never take a break.
  • We uniquely program our accounts to meet your specifications, including how we greet your callers and the branching of questions that you organize.
  • We can take employee call offs which provides consistent protocols and information to managers.

Answer Syracuse currently provides answering services to many municipalities, county governments, and other government agencies as well as numerous community service organizations. We are well-equipped to provide answering services for everything from emergency calls for highway departments to county health departments (we are HIPAA-compliant) and anything in between.

Our trained and experienced live answering service operators allow us to handle any situation based on customized programming we develop in consultation with your organization. This enables our staff to gather all the vital information and deliver it to your staff in the most efficient manner possible.

Each of our services offers:

  • Dispatch of emergency calls to on-call staff quickly and accurately.
  • Back-up procedures and redundancies to ensure calls are delivered every time and service is continuous.
  • Delivery of urgent and non-urgent calls in a manner you prescribe.
  • Customer Service Leaders are on duty at all times to answer questions and perform account updates.
Put our award-winning, Syracuse-based live answering service and outsource call center to work for your agency today!

Answer Syracuse has received the ATSI Award of Excellence every year since 2005. The ATSI Award of Excellence recognizes extraordinary performance in the call center service industry. As a consecutive award winner of the ATSI Award of Excellence, Answer Syracuse prides itself on its continuous commitment to provide effective and efficient community service and government agency answering services in and around Syracuse, NY.

Community Service and Government Agency Answering Services We Provide

“We use you for one department and I’ve been told you do a great job. We called to ask about adding another department, and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism from your customer service representative when I called to make the arrangements.”

–T.D. – Municipal Water Authority

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