Fuel, Oil, and Propane Delivery Answering Service in Syracuse, New York


  • We can deliver messages by text, so there’s no need to search for pen and paper. One tap call back! We also offer email, live call, fax, patch, and page.
  • We become your staff. We help businesses manage limited resources.
  • You may have national or other contracted customers that need attention on a different level. Our unique scripting program lets us handle their calls as you direct and streamline their inquiry. The caller experience is most important.
  • We handle overflow calls, which translates to new business. Over 50% of callers won’t leave a message on voicemail or navigate tedious phone prompts.
  • We can serve your customers on weekends and holidays and every day of the week because fuel oil and propane issues never take a break.
  • We uniquely program our accounts to meet your specs, including how we greet your callers and the branching of questions that you organize.
  • We can take employee call offs which provides consistent protocols and information to managers.

Answer Syracuse offers a customized approach to fuel, oil, and propane delivery answering service. We offer a wide variety of professional services that allow you to focus on serving your clients and drivers. Our services bring a level of efficiency to your business by removing the interruption of unscheduled phone calls, while keeping the “personal touch” from a person answering your calls.

Our highly-trained answering service representatives are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. From answering your calls to new client lead capture, our representatives can answer anytime day or night. Better still, hiring our award-winning staff costs a fraction of the cost of hiring receptionists directly. Our call centers are equipped with redundancies and backup procedures to ensure your calls are always answered. Our representatives work with custom protocols we develop based on your business; from transferring calls directly to you (no matter your location!) or sending calls to your regular message queue to dispatching calls to drivers or other staff based on an on-call list, we help your business run more efficiently.

Put our award-winning, Syracuse-based live answering service and outsource call center to work for your fuel, oil, or propane delivery service today!

Our services don’t stop when the job ends. You strive to deliver excellent service to each and every client, but are you meeting their expectations? Let our award-winning answering service personnel perform client survey calls and you’ll have an accurate picture. We work with questions you’ve specified to conduct independent and impartial third party surveys, which all you to better understand your performance. We can compile daily, weekly, or monthly reports from the data we collect as well as provide recordings of the actual survey calls.

Fuel, Oil, and Propane Delivery Answering Services We Provide

“Hearing a live voice makes a heck of a difference when people call our company. Your representatives are always courteous to our callers and greet me by name when I call.”

–R.G. – Home Remodeling Company

You’ve Got Questions.
We’ve Got Answers.

Put our award-winning, Syracuse-based live answering service and outsource call center to work for your fuel, oil, or propane delivery service today!