IT Answering Service in the Syracuse, New York Area


  • You want happy customers that will always hear a live voice at the other end of the line.
  • Involved in a support call? We can take calls so you don’t miss them.
  • We can deliver messages by text, so there’s no need to search for pen and paper. One tap call back! We also offer email, live call, fax, patch, and page.
  • Our customers will affirm that automated phone services do not meet the same standard as talking with a real person. A live connection makes the difference.
  • We handle overflow calls, which translates to new business. Over 50% of callers won’t leave a message on voicemail or navigate tedious phone prompts.
  • We can serve your customers on weekends and holidays and every day of the week because IT issues never take a break.
  • We uniquely program our accounts to meet your specs, including how we greet your callers and the branching of questions that you organize.
  • We can help you reduce operating costs by providing our in-house staff. We take on employee benefits, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, vacation and sick days.

With the growing reliance on IT in every facet of our lives, it would come as no surprise to learn your IT Company is a fast-paced and busy place. Unfortunately, this usually translates to a huge number of phone calls that need to be answered and processed in order to resolve your clients’ issues in a timely and professional manner.

Our IT answering services ensure your calls are not only answered professionally but are also processed in an efficient manner. Not only do we offer 24/7 answering services, but our highly-trained help desk staff use custom programming we develop with you to handle many of the low-level repetitive requests without disrupting your service staff. If we can’t address the issue with your client, we can seamlessly transfer the call to your staff, schedule an appointment directly with your service personnel, or immediately dispatch an emergency service technician based on the protocols you establish with us.

Put our award-winning, Syracuse-based live answering service and outsource call center to work for your IT business today!

Our services don’t stop when the problem is solved, our award-winning staff can also perform customer survey calls to help you better understand how your customers feel about your IT services. You know you strive for high-quality, professional service with every IT service call, but we can help you better understand exactly how you’re doing by talking to your clients directly and providing you with the reports and recordings you need to best analyze your performance.

IT Answering Services We Provide

“Many of my clients are small businesses or in the start-up phase, so I get asked a lot about what I do for different areas of my business. Key areas lately have been your service and employee leasing. I get asked about my employees and the process I went through hiring them, then when they find out the woman who answers my line is not an employee they want to know more about your services.”

–K.F. – IT Company

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