Property Management Answering Service in the Syracuse, New York Area


  • You want happy tenants that will always hear a live voice at the other end of the line.
  • Avoid missing prospective tenants. Over 50% of callers won’t leave a message on voicemail.
  • Showing a unit to a prospective tenant? We can take the next call so you don’t miss it.
  • We can deliver messages by text, so there’s no need to search for pen and paper. One tap call back! We also offer email, live call, fax, patch, and page.
  • We screen your calls so you can prioritize more urgent matters.
  • We can be an office staffing solution. You can have fewer employees to manage.
  • We uniquely program our accounts to meet your specs, including how we greet your callers and the branching of questions that you organize.
  • We’re more cost effective than hiring office staff.

Our customized approach to real estate and property management answering services allows us to handle a wide variety of services from maintenance issues to emergency situations for a wide variety of clients including individual property owners and large multi-property management firms.

From 24×7 answering services and emergency maintenance calls to capturing leads from your advertising and employment inquiries, we can help you capture more business and retain more tenants. Our customized scripting and live operators increase caller satisfaction by taking their calls right away and makes your property management business more efficient by dispatching calls directly to the appropriate staff members.

Our live answering service call center ensures you receive every call and message with backup procedures and redundancies in place to prevent power outages or other interruptions that would cause missed calls.

Put our award-winning, Syracuse-based live answering service and outsource call center to work for your property management firm today!

Our operators and systems can, based on policies you prescribe, screen out non-urgent calls by sending them to voicemail or the regular message queue, and direct emergency maintenance calls to our service dispatchers who can dispatch the appropriate maintenance staff right away.

We work as a seamless extension of your real estate or property management office, making callers feel like they are talking to someone in your office and routing the call according to your plan. Our services don’t stop with maintenance calls. Our award-winning staff can also perform tenant survey calls to help you better understand how your tenants feel about your properties and handle rental or employment inquiries ensuring your units are always full and your staff is always top notch.

Real Estate and Property Management Answering Services We Provide

“Everything is going well with the new answering service.  We talk about how accommodating the answering service is at all our meetings.  We are the only one in the area that has 24 hour service for the agents.  Thanks again for all your help!”

–B.T. – Real Estate Broker and Property Management Company

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