Most websites have, as part of their menu options, a Testimonials page spotlighting feedback from clients.  We’re no different.

Our company takes these pats on the back one step further however, recognizing compliments that our Operators receive from clients, patients or others who like our service better than their own.

We call these pats on the back, KUDOS!  The messages go companywide and our President and CEO acknowledges each and every one.


Our team of Representatives

Here’s some examples of KUDOS!

“Stated I was very professional and needed to come work for her all the time.”  (Kudos to Dee – Customer Service Manager – Tampa)

“I took a call from a very anxious client and before we hung up she thanked me for calming her down even though all I could do was leave a message for the office for Monday.”   (Kudos to Amanda – Customer Service Representative – Auburn)

“One of our Doctors called in for a message that we had been trying to deliver.  He apologized to me that his phone was in the car.  The Dr. also stated that we are awfully nice, we do a great job, thanked me for all we do, said to keep up the good work and he wished that all doctors gave us compliments because we earn it. “   (Kudos to Natasha – Customer Service Representative – Auburn)

From the daughter of a caller, “Janice was courteous, polite, she went above and beyond the call of duty, she was kind, an asset to your answering service, and a human being – not a robot or prompt.  (Kudos to Janice – Customer Service Representative – Syracuse)

“Mike did an excellent job at taking a message and handling a difficult caller. Keep up the good work.”  (Kudos to Mike – Customer Service Representative – Watertown)

A client shared that “when he returned calls from 2 clients, they gave him compliments on the operators that took the messages. He said he loves our service.”  (Kudos to Chantel – Customer Service Leader – Syracuse)

The list goes on and on.

So why is it a big deal to celebrate KUDOS! at this company?  Last year more than 40% of our sales leads came in from (1) client referrals, (2) people calling the service for another account and liked what they heard, and (3) current clients asking us to expand our services with them.   You can pay thousands of dollars for advertising and putting your name on pens but there’s no better return on investment than having a team of professionals getting it done, just by doing their job.

Kudos! to the Representatives that make selling our service easier!

Kudos! to the Supervisors that coach the Representatives on how to be their best!

Kudos! to the Customer Service Managers who help maintain the positive work environment!

Kudos! to our company leaders who always remember to say thank you and insist on celebrating the win!

And Kudos! to our clients and callers who take the time to acknowledge all our hard work, and the result of hours of training.  It’s a real lift and keeps us motivated.




2015 Service Anniversary Award Recipients from left - Jessica, Bonnie, Jen, Linda, Janice. Absent - Vickie

2015 Service Anniversary Award Recipients from left – Jessica, Bonnie, Jen, Linda, Janice. Absent – Vickie

We would like to recognize and congratulate the members of our Syracuse team who received our 2015 Service Anniversary Award.  They are an exceptional group of professionals and their dedication to their careers allows our company to be recognized year after year with ATSI Awards of Excellence for Outstanding Customer Service.

Jen – Sr. Customer Service Manager with 10 years

Linda – Customer Service Leader with 29 years

Bonnie – Customer Service Leader with 24 years

Jessica – Sr. Programmer with 9 years

Vickie – Customer Service Representative with 8 years

Janice – Customer Service Representative with 5 years

We applaud their leadership and mentoring of new Representatives as they come aboard.  It’s their expertise in understanding the sophisticated technology we use, being knowledgeable about thousands of accounts and being able to treat each caller with respect and professionalism that allows us to pass on our excellence to all members of the team.  Congratulations everyone!