Local Call Center Acquires Oswego Business

Local Call Center Acquires Oswego Business

Finger Lakes Business Services Hires Four to Service Additional Customers


SYRACUSE, NY—Finger Lakes Business Services, Inc. recently acquired Executive Support Services, an answering service based in Oswego, a move that increases Finger Lakes Business Services to more than 1,000 clients across the country.

Executive Support Services clients will have no interruption in their service and will benefit from the acquisition as Finger Lakes Business Services has continuously invested in new technology that allows for additional features and is more reliable because of back up generator systems that Finger Lakes Business Services installed last year.

“In addition to benefits because of our investments in technology and backup systems, some Executive Support Services customers will actually be able to reduce their monthly bills by taking advantage of cost saving options that we offer,” Finger Lakes Business Services President Gardner McLean said. “At a time when many larger companies are moving calling and answering centers out of the country, we’re glad to be able to offer services and expand our business here in the Central New York market.”

Executive Support Services has been owned and managed by Patricia Cullinan for the past decade.

“Pat has been very successfully serving nearly 100 clients for years,” McLean said. “In this industry, excellent customer service is the key success and Executive Support Services had an excellent record in this area and we were pleased to extend employment offers to all eight of her employees.”

The main customer base of Executive Support Services included businesses in the health care industries as well as funeral homes, apartment complexes and contractors, a customer profile very similar to that of Finger Lakes Business Services. Executive Support Services clients were mainly located in the Central New York, New York City and Connecticut areas. The accounts will now be serviced from Finger Lakes Business Services offices in Syracuse and Auburn.

Finger Lakes Business Services hired four additional people in two offices to handle the increased number of customers after the acquisition, bringing the total number of employees to 42. Finger Lakes Business Services is in the top third of all 4,000 answering services in the country in terms of size. McLean, a Skaneateles resident, serves as president of the businesses while Ray Schremp, a Cicero resident, serves as Vice President.

Executive Support Services joins existing call centers: Finger Lakes Answering Service of Auburn and its sister company, Communications Group, of Syracuse under the Finger Lakes Business Services corporate umbrella.

Communications Group was founded in 1965 as a local answering service, and was acquired by Finger Lakes Business Services, Inc. in 2003. The sister company, Finger Lakes Answering Service was founded in 1990 as an answering service, and was purchased by Finger Lakes Business Services in 2002.