Greeley Telephone Answering Service Acquisition

Greeley Telephone Answering Service Acquisition


SYRACUSE, NY—Communications Group, the Syracuse division of Auburn-based Finger Lakes Business Services, Inc. (FLBS) recently acquired the assets of Greeley Telephone Answering Service (GTAS), an answering service based in Greeley, Colorado. GTAS is the second answering service in Colorado acquired by FLBS in the last year. The company had purchased the Communications Center of Steamboat Springs in November 2006. The Colorado clients are now being served by the Syracuse and Auburn call centers.

“With the purchase of out-of-state businesses, and the consolidation of the servicing in Upstate NY, we are able to gain economies of scale”, says Gardner McLean, one of the owners of FLBS. “However, it is an uphill battle to earn their business, as all things being equal, they would rather deal with a local Colorado answering service. It makes all of our efforts to provide excellent customer service more important. With our staff’s continued commitment to service excellence, these clients very quickly become loyal customers despite the distance.”

Greeley’s clients have had no interruption in service and will benefit from Finger Lakes Business Services’ continued investment in new technology. This investment allows for additional features being offered and increased reliability of the service. The move has resulted in an increase in the Syracuse staff.

“Our staff deserves all the credit for making these acquisitions possible”, says Ray Schremp, the other owner. “We have just added 25% volume to our Syracuse office, and the efforts to design, program, train and then interact with these clients on a 24 hours basis has been remarkable. The clients are really appreciating the extra service level that we have been able to provide.”

Greeley Telephone Answering joins existing call centers: Finger Lakes Answering Service of Auburn, Communications Group of Syracuse, Communications Center of Steamboat Springs, and Executive Support Services of Oswego under the Finger Lakes Business Services corporate umbrella. Communications Group was founded in 1965 as a local answering service and was acquired by Finger Lakes Business Services, Inc. in 2003. The sister company, Finger Lakes Answering Service, was founded in 1990 as an answering service and was purchased by Finger Lakes Business Services in 2002.

Finger Lakes Business Services is in the top 10% of all 4,000 answering services in the country in terms of size, with over 1000 clients and 45 employees. In June, Finger Lakes Answering Service of Auburn and Communications Group of Syracuse were both honored with the exclusive 2007 ATSI Award of Excellence for the 3rd consecutive year. McLean, a Skaneateles resident, serves as president of the businesses while Schremp, a Cicero resident, serves as Vice President.

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