Schremp Promoted to Vice President of Finger Lakes Business Services

Schremp Promoted to Vice President of Finger Lakes Business Services


AUBURN, NY—Ray Schremp was recently promoted to Vice President of Finger Lakes Business Services, a tele-messaging company with offices in Auburn and Syracuse.

Schremp previously worked in telecommunications for Alltel where he was recognized for excellence in sales and service and at Telergy as the director of outside plant where he was responsible for the fiber optic cable network.

“Ray’s dedication to customer service is unmatched and his background in the telecommunications industry is extensive and impressive,” Finger Lakes Business Services President Gardner McLean said of Schremp, who now owns part of the company.

In order for Finger Lakes Business Services to continue growing, exceptional customer service is essential, according to Schremp.

“We pride ourselves at being the best in the business and depend heavily on employee and customer feedback to continually improve our service or processes,” Schremp said. “Today’s customers are extremely sophisticated and expect good customer service as the norm. We go beyond the normal standard to exceed the customer’s highest expectation and we’re committed to continue to be the best at what we do.”

Schremp is a resident of Cicero.

Finger Lakes Business Services, Inc. is comprised of five divisions: Finger Lakes Answering Service, Finger Lakes Call Center, Finger Lakes Paging Center and Finger Lakes Message Center, and the newly acquired Communications Group. For more information, contact Finger Lakes Business Services at 255-9125.