“Hearing a live voice makes a heck of a difference when people call our company. Your representatives are always courteous to our callers and greet me by name when I call.”

–R.G. – Home Remodeling Company

Engineering Company


“Before using the answering service we had maybe 1 or 2 after hours messages left on our machine in over a year! I would say we’ve seen about a 300% increase in captured sales calls that probably would have hung up and perhaps never tried us again if we didn’t have a live and professional person picking up the phone when it rang.”


Quoted by K.P.

IT Company


“Many of my clients are small business or in the start-up phase, so I get asked a lot about what I do for different areas of my business. I get asked about my employees and the process I went through hiring them. When they find out the person who answers my line is not an employee, they want to know more about your services.”


Quoted by K.F.

Massage Therapy Office


“I’ve been checking in with our clients, and they all say you’re super professional and thorough. We have such a happy, upbeat clientele base, so it’s nice to know they have been greeted that way even if it’s not by our therapists directly. They really appreciate hearing a smiling voice on the other end of the phone.”


Quoted by A.R.

Septic Service Contractor


“I am going on vacation, and I am very pleased with everything you do for me. I feel comfortable enough to go away and know that my calls will be handled in a professional manner and that you are always polite and helpful to my customers.”


Quoted by W.R.

Red Cross Chapter


“Courteous. Complete. Quick. Responsive. These are the words I would use to describe the service which the Chapter receives each night when we roll our phone lines to them. Our relationship goes back several years and we anticipate many more to come.”


Quoted by S.M.

Property Management Company


“They make my day, every day. Every time I come in to take them off service I’m thrilled at how friendly they are and impressed because they are very efficient.”


Quoted by D.M.

Home Improvement Contractor


“You are the best there is.  My customers comment to me how professional you are. I wouldn’t have a business without you and I recommend you to others.”


Quoted by J.M.

Generator Sales & Service


“We love it. The response from the customers has been great. I am sure we have ended up with some new sales because of the live operator instead of voice mail.”


Quoted by C.R.

Heating & Plumbing Company


“My dispatchers said they are very happy with your service. No complaints from the guys, which is a surprise. I myself am happy if they are happy.”


Quoted by S.K.

Family Practice


“Over the last twenty-five years I have used several answering services and I can categorically say that yours is the best! I have never had any complaints from patients who call and speak to your sympathetic operators.”


Quoted by J.L.

Crisis Hot-Line


“It has been an excellent experience working with your staff. They have been responsive to any concerns and requests for changes in protocol that I have brought up. This is a new experience for us and I was concerned about our phones being covered by a service, but my concerns are unwarranted.”


Quoted by J.E.

Real Estate Broker and Property Management Company


“Everything is going well with the new answering service. We talk about how accommodating the answering service is at all our meetings. We are the only one in the area that has 24 hour service for the agents. Thanks again for all your help!”


Quoted by B.T.

Mortgage Service Company


“I couldn’t be happier with their service and they are very reasonably priced with plenty of options.”


Quoted by T.R.



“The staff has been great over the past years and this process has worked very well to meet our needs.”


Quoted by P.G.

Fire & Water Remediation


“One of our regular customers immediately noticed a change in the level of professionalism with the “new” answering service – friendly, courteous and skilled. That level of service has made us even more confident that we made the right choice to join your service.”


Quoted by S.C.

Municipal Water Authority


“We use you for one department and I’ve been told you do a great job. We called to ask about adding another department, and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism from your customer service representative when I called to make the arrangements.”


Quoted by T.D.

Security Company


“Following our test with you, we’re officially canceling our other answering service to go with you full time. We couldn’t be happier with you and are very happy to have made the switch.”


Quoted by T.A.

Air Conditioning Company


“I just want to take a moment to thank you and the staff for all you do for us.”


Quoted by J.R.

Roofing Company


“I could kick myself for not coming aboard sooner.”


Quoted by R.W.

Law Office


“You’re the best people I’ve worked with. You’re professional, flexible, kind and I wish all my vendors were half as great.”


Quoted by S.K.

Medical Office


“I’m very impressed with the job you are doing, and we will never go back to the other answering service.”


Quoted by A.R.

“I’m very happy on how you greet our callers and answer questions. You do a really good job.”

–E.S. – Door Technology Systems

Funeral Home


“I appreciate all of you and how nicely you always speak to the families that call.”


Quoted by J.J.

Refrigeration Company


“You did a great job, especially under the pressure of the hotter-than-normal weekend. We were extremely busy.”


Quoted by Julie

“I want to take a minute to thank your team for the work you do. Your team has never said “no” to making another call, even when very busy. Everyone has always been polite and professional, and you are all very patient. I have been on the receiving end of some of our customer complaints and I know what you guys have to listen to. I also know how some of our “on call” techs can be when they have to run a call. I can’t speak for everyone at my company, but as for my team, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!”

– M.G. – HVAC Company

Federal Agency


“You’re the friendliest answering service I’ve ever had in my career.”


Quoted by D.T.

Transportation Support


“We’ve used you folks for centuries, and we’d like to keep it that way!”


Quoted by P.F.


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