Turn Yellow Page Expense into Sales

Turn Yellow Page Expense into Sales

34% of consumers will contact a company they had never contacted before.
• Are your calls answered by live staff at all times of the day?
• Did you know more then 50% of callers who get a voicemail or answering machine do not leave a message?
• Have you thought about how much an answering service can help your business?

42% of people will contact two or more businesses.
• Have you called your business to see what you callers hear?
• Does your first impression exceed those of your competition?
• Have you considered that an answering service can help you win more business?

52% of consumers have no service provider or multiple names in mind when referring to yellow page ads.
• Do you think you are successfully closing business with an answering machine?
• Did you know that studies have shown that a caller will wait for a call back if they leave a message with a live person?
• Will an answering service help your business by taking contact information on these calls or even answering FAQs?

88% of people refer to yellow pages to purchase or an intent to purchase.
• Can an answering machine gauge the urgency of the caller?
• Are they going to buy from you if you are using an answering machine?
• Will the lose of potential business be worth the savings of an answering service?

You are already paying good money for your yellow page ads. Make sure you present yourself in the best light and turn those calls into sales. Finger Lakes Business Services can answer calls when you cannot and give you the upper hand over using an answering machine.

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